Take a Dip In a Clean, Crystal-Clear Pool

Arrange for weekly maintenance and chemical adjustments

The best way to prevent pool-related problems is to schedule routine pool cleaning and maintenance from AZ's Best Pool Service & Repair, LLC. When you sign up for our basic weekly package (chemicals only), we'll test your pool water regularly and adjust the chemicals as needed by adding:

Chlorine tablets
Muriatic Acid
Soda Ash
Sodium Bicarbonate
Cyanuric Acid
Phosphate Removers
Liquid Chlorine
Tab Floaters
Skimmer Baskets

Call 602-297-2378 now to receive a complimentary estimate for weekly service.

Ask about our chemicals plus and full-service packages

Tired of scrubbing your pool stairs every week? When you sign up for our chemicals plus package, our technicians will scrub your pool walls and stairs, empty the pump basket, remove debris from the water and adjust the chemicals as needed.

We also offer a full-service package, which includes all the services listed above as well as pool floor vacuuming and tile brushing.

Our team will let you know if we find any issues that need attention. We'll also give you a service tag that documents our work for the week. Contact us now to learn more about our cleaning packages.